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Win the Battle for Market Share: Launching Risk-Free NPDs

Many new products are introduced every year, but only 20% of them succeed. …

Case studiesCultural & Society

Critical (of) Race Theory

The majority of parents do not want schools to endorse Critical Race Theory, …

Consumer & ShopperSpecial Reports

Concept testing at CES 2022: Assessing the potential of new products among Singaporeans

Since its inception in 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the …


How AI and predictive insights may provide a window into the future

Businesses are always trying to stay one step ahead of their customers, trying …

Economic / IndustryFeatures

What Makes a Research Enterprise in Asia?

Asia Research interviews James Rogers, Managing Director APAC of PureSpectrum to understand what …

CommentConsumer & Shopper

Insights in an inflationary environment

As optimism grows globally that the end of the COVID pandemic may be …


NFTs and Their Role in the Metaverse in Asia

Of late, the terms ‘NFT’ and ‘Metaverse’ have been much talked about worldwide. …

Research Industry

The Asia Research Annual Stakeholder Survey

The 2021 Asia Research annual stakeholder survey gives cause for optimism for the …

qualitative research

Qual Goes Techie!

The pandemic has ‘forced’ much of today’s qualitative research to go online. While …

Needs identification
CommentConsumer & Shopper

Needs Identification and Idea Screening

We all know that too many newly launched products fail. However, with cost-effective, …